First GRUNDIG e-bike in the test: Hybrid city trekking pedelec with 80 Nm mid-engine

Erstes GRUNDIG E-Bike im Test: Hybrides City-Trekking-Pedelec mit 80 Nm Mittelmotor

First GRUNDIG e-bike in the test: Hybrid city trekking pedelec with 80 Nm mid-motor from

GRUNDIG no longer just stands for home entertainment. This year, a stylish e-bike from the well-known manufacturer came onto the market, produced in Europe and with the participation of Chinese investors. The mix of city and trekking pedelec has a lot to offer, such as a powerful Bafang mid-engine. I will report in detail what you can expect from the new GRUNDIG GCB-1 in the following practical test.

Modern look, high-quality feel, proven technology including Bafang motor

By shipping company got me the GRUNDIG GCB-1 test bike  reached and I was excited about the first test drive. The Pedelec is pre-assembled, but a few parts such as the handlebars, pedals, bell and front mudguard still had to be finally assembled. For a comfortable sitting position, I raised the adjustable stem quite a bit.

In keeping with the slippery autumn leaves, I immediately notice the tires, which are wider than usual and promise a lot of grip. I also immediately liked the linear, modern look and the matt light gray of the test bike. A quick look: Alternatively, the color variants black and ice blue are available. Shift and brake lines are discreetly integrated and the paint is even. Visible weld seams have been processed acceptably, so that the aluminum frame looks almost as if it was made from a single piece. Everything feels valuable and the external impression is convincing. The GCB-1 is only offered in a frame size of 52 cm and is therefore best suited to heights between 1.65 m and 1.75 m. But that also depends on body proportions and personal preferences.

Praktisch: 450-Wh-Akku leicht nach oben entnehmbar

Practical: 450 Wh battery can be easily removed from above

Since the comfortable low-entry bike has to do without a top tube, the down tube with integrated battery is correspondingly beefy. It is unmistakable that it is an e-bike. Speaking of the battery: This is very easy to remove with just a flick of the wrist and a turn of the key. Practical for anyone who doesn't have a power socket right next to their bike. Like the motor, the energy storage comes from Bafang (the website states an LG battery) and delivers 540 Wh capacity. When I first start with a fully charged battery, a total range of 103 km is displayed in level 1, in the highest level it is 61 km. This is probably because the system doesn't quite output the maximum range of 120 km according to the manufacturer due to the cold outside temperatures.

Bewährt: Shimano Altus-Kettenschaltung mit 9 Gängen

Proven: Shimano Altus derailleur gears with 9 gears

The GCB-1 has hydraulic disc brakes from Tektro, 180 mm at the front and 160 mm at the rear, which generally grip reliably and powerfully. The Suntour Nex fork has a travel of 63 mm and is a good choice for cross-country tours. The suspension can be switched off with a twist using the “Speed ​​Lock” lever. The constant use of the suspension generally doesn't bother me; on the contrary, it protects my wrists and shoulders. The proven Shimano Altus shifting system switches precisely in 9 gears and is considered durable and low-maintenance. The weight of the GRUNDIG GCB-1 is impressive at 28 kg, but common for trekking e-bikes that are not from the high-end segment. A stiffening strut is integrated into the low entry at the bottom, which can be used as a carrying handle so that the bike lands on the bike rack fairly comfortably.

Komfortabel: Suntour Nex-Federgabel. Ab Werk dabei ist außerdem eine Fahrradklingel (nicht montiert).

Comfortable: Suntour Nex suspension fork. A bicycle bell is also included ex works (not installed).

Road-compatible LED lighting, which has strong luminosity, is included as standard. The rear light in particular is intense and very visible. It sits at the back below the included luggage rack and also functions as a reflector. The luggage rack can hold up to 25 kg and has side struts for panniers.

Conventional operating display without connective functions

I also took a closer look at the multifunctional display and the operation. With a quick push of a button, the usual driving data is displayed: speed, battery capacity, remaining range in km, power level, mileage (trip and total kilometers), average speed, wattage and even calories burned. The calories are only a rough estimate as they depend on your personal constitution.

The intuitive menu navigation provides access to various bike, software and hardware information. You can also choose whether, for example, a trip reset or a service reminder after 5,000 km is desired. The number of support levels or the brightness level of the display can be set in the menu. By the way, you can choose whether you want support in 3, 5 or 9 levels. I will report in more detail later in the article how driving with nine levels behaves. Grundig is still holding back on the digital app connection and only offers the standard equipment with a display.

Power, safety and natural driving experience – the practical test

First of all, a few words about the heart of the GRUNDIG GCB-1: The 250 watt Bafang M410 mid-motor pulls powerfully and offers a maximum torque of 80 Newton meters - controlled by a torque sensor. The drive is supposed to handle gradients of up to 35 degrees, but as a northern German I look for these in vain. But for our “wavy” region everything is fine and I don’t get out of breath for a second. Overall, the bike provides an intuitive, natural riding experience. When the going is slightly “uphill,” I have to pedal harder and upshift to maintain speed. Without pedaling power and a certain cadence there is no additional support. The engine works quietly when I drive, but is noticeable in quiet surroundings. The low center of gravity of the light mid-engine provides greater driving stability, which is particularly advantageous at higher speeds on straight stretches.

Kräftig: Bafang M410 Mittelmotor – max. Drehmoment 80 Nm

The brakes apply reliably during the test drive and convey security. Just like the 45 mm wide tires, which do not slip on leaves and gravel in the autumn test. The gears shift smoothly and gear changes are quick. 9 gears are usually sufficient for driving in the city and across the country.

The finer distribution of 9 support levels does not bring me any added value personally; I prefer the factory setting with 5 levels. I often switched back and forth between the levels. With 9 levels, the different levels of support are barely noticeable and it's easy to skip a setting. After driving 12 km, a look at the display shows that I still have 96 km remaining range; I started at 103 km. But the range depends on many factors, such as body weight, the selected support level, the nature of the route and the outside temperature. The pushing assistance up to 5 km/h can be easily switched on using the minus control button. A useful option if you want to walk a bit or have to climb a ramp.

Stark: hydraulische Scheibenbremsen aus dem Hause Tektro

What surprised me positively was the comfort. Thanks to the raised stem, I can get into an almost upright position, which is personally comfortable for me. This is certainly rather unsporting, but it also relieves the strain on the shoulders and wrists in addition to the suspension of the fork. Sporty riders can set up a forward-bent sitting position on the bike, which I also tried. The saddle is relatively firm and flat, but the gel saddle cover, which was packed as a precaution, was not used on the test ride. The handles with hand rests feel good, the controls on the display as well as the gear and brake levers are easy to reach. All in all, I enjoyed the trip despite the cool autumn weather.

Conclusion and general information about the GRUNDIG GCB-1

For me, the main focus of an e-bike is the motorization, which the GCB-1 with the Bafang mid-engine delivers good performance. The support is not intrusive, but takes effect quickly and naturally, depending on the pedal force used and the cadence. Proven quality components from Shimano and Tektro in the cheaper to medium price range round off the well-thought-out electric bike. In any case, it is an eye-catcher and many will be surprised by the GRUNDIG logo outside of the home electronics industry. As an e- city bike for daily commuting, but also for trekking tours, it is a solid investment. Smart features such as Bluetooth, USB charging socket or app connection cannot be found in the first entry-level model from the well-known manufacturer.

Grundig gcb-1

GRUNDIG offers an extended 3-year manufacturer's warranty and a 15-day return policy. This underlines the quality of the company. Production takes place under the “Made in Europe” label. There is currently a reduced sales price online and an additional 100 euro discount. The GCB-1 is listed in the online shop for just under 2,500 euros RRP (including estimated taxes plus shipping costs). Alternatively, one can Local dealer should be contacted, a test drive is also possible there.