Thanks to the 36V-250W 80Nm mid-engine, you can move forward easily even on steep and bumpy roads.

Tree comfort

Thanks to the torque sensor integrated in the mid-motor, which makes your cycling easier and more natural.

Greater ranges

With the 540 Wh LG battery pack up to 120 km range. Whether commuting or traveling, everything is in your hands.

Precise braking

Hydraulic disc brakes offer you a safe, smooth and precise braking feel.

Stable and safe

The suspension fork is lockable and has adjustable hardness to make your ride more stable and safer.

Smooth switching processes

Shimano 9-speed system, easily adaptable to different riding scenarios.

400 KM Cycling from South to North Netherlands

GRUNDIG GCB-1's proven quality

From Poppel, on the border between northern Belgium and the southern Netherlands, to Gedenkteken Royal Air Force in the far north of the Netherlands. The trip was accompanied by cold weather in the Netherlands in February, experiencing temperature differences from south to north as well as environmental and terrain changes. @Tom Outdoor rode the GRUNDIG GCB-1 for 48 hours to complete this 400km journey.

36V-250W mid-engine

80 Nm maximum torque easily handles gradients of up to 35 degrees.
The mid-engine offers powerful performance, responsive controls and a smooth, natural ride.

Removable 540Wh LG battery

Range: ≤120km
Charging time: 7-8 hours.
Direct or separate charging possible.

Comfortable driving experience

GCB-1 features front and rear hydraulic disc brakes and a suspension fork to absorb strong shocks and ensure an effortless riding experience and safety.

Torque sensors

For a more natural riding experience, GCB-1 foregoes fixed support and provides support proportional to the rider's strength. This makes the driving behavior more intuitive and natural and the engine power is used more efficiently.

Perfect choice for traveling and commuting

GCB-1 has a maximum load of 150 kg (including bicycle weight: 28kg) and is suitable for riders with a height of ≥170 cm. The perfect choice for commuters, explorers and driving fun.

Save drive

An LED display, improved LED headlight and taillight ensure safety during night driving.


Technical information

Immerse yourself in the driving experience
Size information
Symbol Size(mm)
Seat Tube A 520
Top Tube Horizontal B 636
Seat Angle C 66.5°
Head Tube Angle D 63.5°
Chainstays E 488
Control Tube F 155
Wheel Base G 1171
Bottom Bracket Height to Hub Axle H 60
Reach I 422
Stack J 625