EUROBIKE 2023: GRUNDIG spends five fantastic days with e-bike enthusiasts

EUROBIKE 2023: GRUNDIG verbringt fünf fantastische Tage mit E-Bike-Enthusiasten

Eurobike is one of the largest events in the bicycle industry, where manufacturers from all over the world present their latest products and innovations. Eurobike is an important event for anyone interested in the cycling industry, providing a platform to network, learn and discover the latest innovations in cycling. This year, GRUNDIG presented a number of new products that impressed both enthusiasts and industry insiders. We also experienced many surprises and met many nice bicycle enthusiasts! Let's review this exciting journey together.


Experience the new trend of electric two-wheelers at Eurobike

With the growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility, electric bikes and scooters are more popular than ever. At Eurobike, visitors can explore the latest models and technologies in electromobility, from sleek and stylish e-bikes to powerful and efficient e-scooters. The trade fair offers the opportunity to see the future of urban transport and experience the benefits of electromobility first hand.


GRUNDIG aims to be a major player in the e-bike industry

This year, GRUNDIG was in the spotlight for its state-of-the-art electric bikes that combine style, functionality and sustainability. GRUNDIG's commitment to quality and innovation has been demonstrated once again through the successive launches of the GCB-1 and GCB-2, as well as a range of accessories and outdoor products. The stand attracted numerous bike enthusiasts, media representatives and dealers who flocked to test ride our latest e-bikes. There was a great atmosphere and the team was really looking forward to meeting so many people from the industry and discussing all things cycling products!


The latest GCB-2 was presented for the first time at the trade fair

The GCB-2 is a remarkable testament to GRUNDIG's commitment to delivering exceptional performance and high-end configuration in the world of e-bikes. With its innovative features and meticulous attention to detail, the GCB-2 stands out as a true powerhouse on two wheels. From the powerful motor and long-lasting battery to the responsive controls and advanced suspension system, every aspect of the GCB-2 has been carefully designed to provide an unparalleled driving experience. Whether conquering challenging terrain or cruising through city streets, the GCB-2 impresses with its exceptional power, speed and stability.


Grundig's commitment to customer service and sustainability

In addition to its impressive product range, GRUNDIG also showcased its commitment to after-sales service and sustainability. In order to improve the customer experience in after-sales service, GRUNDIG has launched an after-sales service app in addition to the three-year warranty. This app is intended to streamline communication, simplify processes and ensure quick resolution of customer inquiries or concerns. The application also allows distributors to seamlessly manage warranty claims, track service requests and stay in touch with expert teams. Environmental friendliness and sustainable development are also topics that are very important to GRUNDIG. We have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled materials in our products and packaging and by implementing sustainable manufacturing practices.


Overall, GRUNDIG caused a stir at the Eurobike Show with our latest electric bike, which aroused a lot of interest among visitors. Our commitment to customer service and sustainability was also highlighted, reflecting our dedication to high quality products and services. We value these five days to meet with people from the industry and discuss how to improve e-bikes. We look forward to connecting more people and creating a better driving experience with high quality products - for good reason!