Long distance cycling is never just for the athletically successful:

GCB-1 Test on uneven roads

YouTuber Heitz Arnaud @103mobstories has dedicated his channel to lovers of two-wheelers and their restoration. His videos cover mopeds, scooters, bicycles, e-bikes, fat bikes and electric scooters. In his videos you will find mechanical tutorials, instructions for various two-wheelers, bike tests, road trips with bikes and mopeds, product tests, restoration of old bikes and much more.

The YouTuber claims not to be a good athlete. But this time he challenged himself to ride more than 10 km with the GCB-1 e-bike and had a very good riding experience. During the ride, he tested different road sections such as asphalt, gravel roads, muddy dirt roads, uneven terrains etc.. He also tested several functions such as driving uphill, braking, accelerating and decelerating as well as shifting gears. It has been fully demonstrated that the GCB-1 is a multi-dimensional e-bike.

Leisurely cycling through the French countryside

His ride began with a climb. We all know it's not easy to ride a bike uphill, but he managed it with ease, "You don't need to pedal so hard, I feel very comfortable now, j'aime bien."

It had just rained and there were a few puddles on the road, reflecting the serene sky, as beautiful as in Pierre-Eugène Montézin's paintings. Halfway through the journey, he felt a little overwhelmed. He gradually increased the level of the motor and it took less and less effort to pedal as the e-bike got faster and faster. But that doesn't mean that riding in the lowest gear is exhausting. "I can still easily reach 25 km/h in assistance level 1. It's honestly a good ride."

No hassle thanks to Grundig GCB-1

The poor sportsman repeatedly emphasizes: "I'm not good at sports". But he found riding the GCB-1 e-bike very safe and solid, and he wasn't very tired at all. "With the frame you have a feeling that you're on something that's very rigid, it doesn't move."

"This bike is very suitable for quite a lot of use, well everything you can do with a bike, go to work, road trip, go shopping, both dry and wet. With the sturdy luggage carrier it is possible to carry heavy things. And you don't have to pedal hard."

The ride ended, and Heitz not only experienced the superior handling of the GCB-1, but also enjoyed the beautiful French countryside. Spring is here, and it's time to get out and about on an e-bike.

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