@Tom Outdoor

Across the Netherlands in 48 hours

on a Grundig E-bike

An exciting challenge across the Netherlands

Tom is an extreme outdoor challenge YouTuber who has completed many interesting challenges such as building a cabin in the woods, spending 24 hours in the wilderness with €50 worth of stuff and surviving 5 days alone in the wilderness with only 5 items (no food or drink).

In the freezing cold winter month of February in the Netherlands, Tom dared to take on a demanding challenge: he planned to cycle across the Netherlands from south to north. That sounds a bit unbelievable, doesn't it? Tom had made similar attempts before, but unfortunately he failed for health reasons. Would he succeed this time? Excitedly, Tom said yes!

400 KM cycling in the bitter cold of February

From Poppel, on the border between North Belgium and South Holland, to the Royal Air Force Memorial in the northernmost part of the Netherlands. This journey was accompanied by the freezing cold of the Dutch February and took it through temperature differences, environmental changes and terrain variations on the way from south to north. Tom completed a 48-hour bike ride with the GRUNDIG GCB-1 to successfully complete this 400 km journey.

Café, the best painkiller

This challenge was by no means an easy task. But Tom made it! Along the way, he struggled with physical ailments, in particular a sore bottom from sitting on the bike for so long. "The buttocks hurt, my legs are lazy, my knees hurt, I'm cold, I'm wet, it's raining, the wind is strong, I'm completely soaked now. What a difficult thing. It's a struggle, especially the latter bit...." says Tom.

Nevertheless, there were also happy moments. Tom took breaks in cafés to eat something and rest. In the cold winter air, it was a relief to have something warm to eat.

Success with the help of the Grundig GCB-1

Thanks to the Grundig GCB-1 e-bike, it was finally a success despite all the obstacles. "It really is a top bike," said Tom.

It's true that cycling 400 km is no easy task. There are many challenges that a cyclist can face on a long-distance ride.

The Grundig GCB-1 has adjustable handlebars and an adjustable wheel seat. It allows riders to adapt to different riding conditions to eliminate the discomfort associated with long, fast rides. The Grundig GCB-1 is equipped with SR Suntour NEX SF15 suspension, which allows Tom to adapt to most terrains while riding. And finally, the range. During this 2 day ride, Tom used 3 batteries and covered 400km at the fastest speed. This reflects the range of the Grundig GCB-1.

Tom had successfully completed his challenge, not only overcoming his physical limits, but also experiencing the beauty and diversity of the Dutch countryside.