The best e-bikes for touring: Our recommendations

Die besten E-Bikes für Touren: Unsere Empfehlungen

E-bikes are a great means of transport for tours as they give you the opportunity to do longer ones To drive routes without exerting yourself too much. However, for a tour it is important to choose the right e-bike that suits your needs and budget. This article will review some of the best e-bikes for touring and discuss important factors when choosing an e-bike for touring.

Before you buy an e-bike for touring, there are a few important factors you should consider. This includes things like the range of the e-bike, the type of motor, the size of the battery, the type of brakes and the size of the frame. These factors can have a big impact on how suitable the e-bike is for touring and how much fun you will have on your tour.

After considering these factors, we have selected and analyzed some of the best e-bikes for touring. We've looked at the key features of each e-bike and compared them to help you choose the best e-bike for your needs. In the next few sections, we'll explain the pros and cons of each e-bike so you can make an informed decision.

Key takeaways

  • Important factors when choosing an e-bike for touring are the range, motor, battery, brakes and frame size.
  • Choosing the right e-bike for touring can have a big impact on how well the tour goes and how much fun you have.
  • We have analyzed and compared some of the best e-bikes for touring to help you choose the right e-bike.

II. Factors when choosing an e-bike for touring

When choosing the best e-bike for touring, there are several important factors to consider. Below we look at some of these factors in more detail.

Consideration of important factors

The most important factors when choosing an e-bike for touring include the range, motor power and the quality of the components. A greater range enables longer tours, while higher engine power makes driving on demanding routes easier. Good quality components ensure a longer lifespan of the e-bike and better overall performance.

Impact on performance and suitability

Another important factor when choosing the best e-bike for touring is the type of motor and battery. A mid-engine is typically more powerful and better suited to demanding routes, while a rear-engine is better suited to flat terrain. The battery should also have sufficient capacity to enable a longer range.

Importance of comfort features

In addition to the performance and suitability of the e-bike, comfort features such as the saddle, suspension and the size of the frame are also important. A comfortable saddle and good suspension ensure a comfortable riding experience, while the size of the frame should be tailored to the rider's height to ensure an optimal seating position.

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III. Top e-bikes for touring

Comprehensive list of the best e-bikes

For a successful tour, it is important to choose the right e-bike. The following models have proven to be particularly suitable:

  • GRUNDIG GCB-1 E-Bike: This model features a powerful 36V 250W motor, a long-lasting 540Wh LG battery with a range of more than 120 km, a precise Shimano 9-speed derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes and bright LED lighting. It is available in light gray, ice blue and black.

Price ranges and target groups

The prices for e-bikes can vary greatly. Entry-level models start at around 1000 euros, while high-end models can cost several thousand euros. However, most touring e-bikes are in the price range of 2000 to 4000 euros.

Touring e-bikes are suitable for cyclists who want to cover longer distances and value comfort and performance. They are also suitable for older or less fit cyclists who still want to enjoy longer tours.

Unique selling points

Some of the unique selling points of touring e-bikes are:

  • Longer range: Most touring e-bikes have a larger battery that allows for a longer range.

  • Comfortable seating position: Touring e-bikes usually have a more upright seating position than other bikes, which increases comfort on longer rides.

  • Luggage racks: Touring e-bikes are often equipped with luggage racks, allowing cyclists to carry luggage and equipment for longer tours.

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IV. Comparison and Analysis

Comparison of e-bikes

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best e-bike for touring. The five best e-bikes for touring that are most recommended by customers and experts are the Giant "Explore E+ Pro 0 GTS", the Winora "Sinus iX11", the Riese & Müller "Nevo3 GT vario", the Kalkhoff "Entice 5.B Excite" and the Trek "Allant+ 9.9S".

The Giant "Explore E+ Pro 0 GTS" is a full-suspension e-bike with a powerful motor and a long range. The Winora "Sinus iX11" offers a good combination of performance and comfort, while the Riese & Müller "Nevo3 GT vario" is a sporty and powerful e-bike. The Kalkhoff "Entice 5.B Excite" is a reliable e-bike with a long range, while the Trek "Allant+ 9.9S" is a versatile e-bike suitable for different types of tours.

Performance analysis

The performance of an e-bike for touring depends on various factors, such as motor power, battery capacity, range and the quality of the components. Most of the best touring e-bikes have a motor with at least 250 watts of power and a battery capacity of at least 400 Wh. Range varies depending on the model and riding conditions, but most touring e-bikes have a range of at least 100 kilometers.

Customer feedback and expert reviews

The customer and expert reviews of the best e-bikes for touring are very positive. Most customers praise the performance, comfort and reliability of the e-bikes. The experts also rate the touring e-bikes positively and recommend them for their performance, comfort and versatility.

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V. Conclusion

Why choose GRUNDIG?

If you are looking for an e-bike for touring, then you should take a look at the GRUNDIG offer. GRUNDIG e-bikes are characterized by their high quality and performance. With a GRUNDIG e-bike you can cover long distances comfortably and quickly.

GRUNDIG offers a wide range of e-bikes suitable for different types of tours. No matter whether you are planning a leisurely ride through the city or a challenging tour through the mountains, you will find the right e-bike at GRUNDIG.

GRUNDIG e-bikes are equipped with powerful motors and high-quality components. They offer a long range and are very reliable. In addition, they are very comfortable and offer good support when pedaling.

So if you are looking for a reliable and powerful e-bike for touring, then you should choose a GRUNDIG e-bike.

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frequently asked Questions

Which features are important for an e-bike that is suitable for long tours?

An e-bike that is suitable for long tours should have a high battery capacity to ensure sufficient range. A comfortable seating position and pleasant geometry are also important to provide comfort on long journeys. In addition, the brakes and derailleur should be reliable to ensure a safe ride.

How much should you budget for a high-quality trekking e-bike?

A high-quality trekking e-bike can cost between 2,500 and 4,000 euros. However, it is important to note that the price depends on various factors such as the quality of the components, engine performance and battery capacity.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SUV e-bikes compared to traditional trekking e-bikes?

SUV e-bikes are more robust and offer a higher load capacity than traditional trekking e-bikes. They are also better suited to rough and uneven surfaces. The downside, however, is that they are less maneuverable than traditional trekking e-bikes due to their greater weight and size.

Which test results should you pay attention to when choosing the best trekking e-bike?

When choosing the best trekking e-bike, test results from reliable experts are a good source of information. Look for test results that evaluate aspects such as battery capacity, engine performance, brakes, rear derailleur and riding accuracy.

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