Lease a company bike with GRUNDIG E-bike

The days are getting longer again, now is the perfect time to spend more time in the fresh air. Leave the car at home, avoid the traffic. Get on your bike and go out with your friends in the cycling season.

But what do you do if you don't have a bike, your bike is getting too old or cycling has always been painful for you?

Then we have an idea of how you can get the bike of your dreams without a large one-off payment - bike leasing; the opportunity to choose your dream bike and save up to 40% compared to buying it normally.

How much does leasing with BusinessBike cost me?

Apart from a little time? Basically nothing, in any case you save money. There are two different billing models available to you:

E-bike as a salary bonus

If your work provides you with the e-bike in addition to your salary - as a salary bonus - you as an employee can ride it tax-free. The leasing rates are paid in full by your employer.

E-bike via salary conversion

When leasing via salary conversion, a small part of your gross salary is converted into a leasing rate. Your e-bike is taxed as "payment in kind" at 0.25% of the total price via your salary every month.

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