Radio shop in Fürth

Building, selling and repairing radios - that's how you make money. The economic pioneer Max Grundig relied on this idea and opened his first radio shop at Sternstrasse 4 in Fürth on November 15, 1930. In the beginning, the business thrived on repairs that Grundig carried out himself. This laid the foundation for the later Grundig works.

Manufacturing location in Fürth

The foundation stone is laid for a factory and administration building on Kurgartenstrasse in Fürth. After a short construction period, the site serves as the main production site.

“Heinzelmann” was a tremendous success

A building block on the way to becoming an electronics giant after the Second World War was the legendary “Heinzelmann” radio kit. Max Grundig particularly fondly remembers this important point in the company's history. Around 50,000 pieces were sold. “An enormous number for the time,” said Grundig happily in an interview in 1954.

Constantly expanding

The success of “Heinzelmann” is the basis for Grundig’s entrepreneurial success after 1945. In 1949 the 100,000th edition was already running. Radio off the tape. At the end of 1949, 1,600 people worked at Grundig (1960: 16,485; 1970: around 25,000). In the 1960s, Grundig became the largest radio and television manufacturer in Europe and the world's most important producer of tape recorders.

Climax and turning point

30 years after the "Heinzelmann", Grundig is the largest radio manufacturer in Europe: in Franconia alone, Grundig employs around 28,000 people, and across Europe there are well over 40,000. The 1980s also marked the turning point in the success story: Grundig unsuccessfully invested in the development of video systems and faced overwhelming competition from the Far East. Losses are increasing.

The revelation of Grundig's mobility DNA

Grundig supported the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup during the exciting 1990s. This underlines our ongoing commitment to the spirit of the movement.

Grundig's story continues

As our horizons expand, our core values ​​remain unshakable. Our commitment to innovation, quality and timeless design continues our journey, from the heart of the home to the street. Join us on this journey as we power our lives through technology that evolves with you.
Welcome to Grundig, where innovation meets movement.