Shipping Policy

Every GRUNDIG product is carefully packaged to ensure it is in the best condition. If any problems arise, please contact us by email at We will respond to your inquiries immediately and process them as quickly as possible. Our goal is that every customer is satisfied with the quality of our products and services.


  1. Shipping area

1.1 Shipping area

GRUNDIG offers delivery within the European Union (excluding Malta and Cyprus; excluding other regions where customs clearance is required). Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom are temporarily unavailable. Please note that we may not be able to deliver to some remote/island areas. In such cases we will contact you to find an alternative solution. Please note that we do not deliver to the parcel station.

1.2 Shipping

The current sales price includes shipping costs and the following information is the actual shipping costs we incur for delivery
Land Postcode Postage costs Delivery service Transport time
Germany (DE) all 75 GEL 3-5 working days
Austria (AT) Routung 128 Economy 100 GEL 4-7 working days
other 113 THE DIVISION
Belgium (BE) 1000-1299
Route 127
109 GEL
other 122 THE DIVISION
Czech Republic (CZ) all 104 THE DIVISION
Luxembourg (LU) all 117 GEL
Netherlands (NL) all 129 THE DIVISION
Poland (PL) all 94 THE DIVISION
Denmark (DK) 09-36/41-4750-99 141 THE DIVISION 7-10 working days
other 166 UPS
France (FR) 75/78 91-95 99 GEL 7-10 working days
110 GEL
127 GEL
Croatia (HR) all 166 UPS 6-8 working days
Hungary (HU) all 108 THE DIVISION 5-7
working days
Italy (IT) 10-59 91 GEL 5-7 working days
00-06, 60-86 101
07-09, 87-98 115
Romania (RO) all 148 GEL 5-7 working days
Slovenia (SI) all 151 GEL 5-7
working days
Slovakia Republic (SK) all 106 THE DIVISION 5-7
working days
Bulgaria (BG) all 126 GEL 6-7 working days
Estonia (EE) all 176 8-10 working days
Spain (ES) 01/03/08/12/17/20/22/25/26/31/42-44/46/48/50 119 THE DIVISION 8-10 working days
02/04-06/09-11/13-16/18/19/21/23/24/27-30/32-34/36/37/39/40/41/45/47/49 143
7 149
Finland (FI) 00-85/87/88/90-92 156 THE DIVISION 8-10 working days
other 176 UPS
Greece (GR) 10-19/54-57 143 THE DIVISION 7-10 working days
20-27/32-36/38-48/50-53/58-67/69 175
other 176 UPS 8-10 working days
Ireland (IE) all 176 UPS 8-10 working days
Lithuania (LT) all 176 UPS 8-10 working days
Latvia (LV) all 176 UPS 8-10 working days
Portugal (PT) all 140 THE DIVISION 8-10 working days
Sweden (SE) 20-61/ 65//66/69-71 166 THE DIVISION 8-10 working days
other 176 UPS

1.3 delivery time

The product is shipped from Germany. We will process your shipment and deliver it on one business day. Delivery within Germany usually takes 3 to 5 working days, while delivery within the European Union takes 4 to 10 working days depending on your address.

1.4 Second delivery attempt

Our deliveries are made by truck and the logistics company will contact you before delivery. Please make sure the phone number provided when placing your order is correct. If you are unable to accept the first delivery attempt, we will be happy to assist you in arranging a second delivery.

1.5 Logistics service provider

Due to product size and electrical requirements, we use trucks for transportation in accordance with shipping regulations. We work with three logistics service providers: UPS, GEL and RABEN Group. Based on your address, we will choose the best logistics option for you.

1.6 Rejection

Orders that have already been shipped cannot be changed, intercepted or canceled. Therefore, please make sure you check your order. If you refuse delivery and return, a return shipping fee of 120 euros for deliveries within Germany and 200 euros for deliveries outside Germany will be charged to cover part of our return shipping costs.

1.7 PRAYER (in English “Defect on Arrival”, in German “Defekt bei Arrival”)

GRUNDIG adheres to DOA regulations. If you receive a product with obvious damage to the outer packaging, please take photos as proof on the day of receipt and contact our customer service. We will communicate with you to determine the appropriate course of action.


  1. Return/Exchange

2.1 Without reasons

2.1.1 GRUNDIG strives to offer you high-quality customer service. We offer a 15-day return policy for any reason for products sold by authorized online retailers. 15 days means within 15 days from the date you received the vehicle sold by the authorized online dealer (subject to the date of receipt of the package or signature from buyer on delivery note). Please note that this service is not available for products sold offline. The consumer bears the return shipping costs.

2.1.2 The 15-day return without reasons from the user does not include the following behaviors: loss of warranty card and invoice, damage caused by you, damage to warranty and anti-counterfeit labels, structural or color change of the product, missing spare parts and gift items that were included , cumulative journeys of more than 50 kilometers (our acceptance test data are decisive), damage to the product, etc.

2.2 Other Situation

We offer good customer service. Please see the after-sales service policy for more information.

2.3 Fees and Refunds

2.3.1 Shipping costs

We only offer free shipping for DOA cases. 

2.3.2 Packaging and protection

To minimize the risk of secondary damage, it is essential to return the product in the original packaging and adhere to our security and protection guidelines. Please ensure you keep the original packaging for the specified period after receipt. In the event of loss, alternative packaging options may be provided at your expense.

2.3.3 Liability during returns

The customer assumes responsibility for any loss or damage that occurs during the return process due to inadequate packaging or the actions or omissions of the logistics service provider. Upon receipt, we will conduct a thorough inspection of the returned package and prepare a detailed report assessing any damage.

2.3.4 Refund

After receiving and inspecting the returned items, we will immediately send you a confirmation email with updated return status information and any costs. Once the refund is confirmed, the system will process and automatically issue a refund to the customer's original payment method within a maximum of 14 business days.


  1. Buying from unofficial dealers

Please only purchase vehicles through our authorized official dealers. We do not accept returns purchased from other unofficial retailers.


  1. In case of unforeseen circumstances

In the event of unforeseen circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as adverse weather conditions, road construction, diversions, unexpected traffic congestion, strikes, natural disasters, war, etc., we may have difficulty in delivering the products on time. We will not be liable if the delay or failure to deliver the Goods is caused in whole or in part by such circumstances. If timely delivery is affected, we will arrange an alternative delivery date. Please note that exceptional circumstances such as large orders, new product launches or restock days may also result in longer shipping times. If this is the case, we will clearly note this on the product page and send you an email reminder.

5. VAT

The price on includes VAT.
However, different fees may apply depending on the customer's legal jurisdiction. If payment of customs duties is required, it is the customer's responsibility to bear these customs duties and any other associated costs. For detailed information on the topics of "tax" and "customs", please refer to the tax and customs regulations of the respective local jurisdiction.
For further information on sales tax, we refer you to the table below:


Land VAT Rate (%)
Germany (DE) 19
Austria (AT) 20
Belgium (BE) 21
Czech Republic (CZ) 21
Luxembourg (LU) 17
Netherlands (NL) 21
Poland (PL) 23
Denmark (DK) 25
France (FR) 20
Croatia (HR) 25
Hungary (HU) 27
Italy (IT) 22
Romania (RO) 19
Slovenia (SI) 22
Slovakia Republic (SK) 20
Bulgaria (BG) 20
Estonia (EE) 20
Spain (ES) 21
Finland (FI) 24
Greece (GR) 24
Ireland (IE) 23
Lithuania (LT) 21
Latvia (LV) 21
Portugal (PT) 23
Sweden (SE) 25