1. VAT

Sales tax identification number according to § 27 a sales tax law:

2. Details

The price on includes VAT.
However, different fees may apply depending on the customer's legal jurisdiction. If payment of customs duties is required, it is the customer's responsibility to bear these customs duties and any other associated costs. For detailed information on the topics of "tax" and "customs", please refer to the tax and customs regulations of the respective local jurisdiction.

3. Tabular representation of national tax rates


Land VAT Rate (%)
Germany (DE) 19
Austria (AT) 20
Belgium (BE) 21
Czech Republic (CZ) 21
Luxembourg (LU) 17
Netherlands (NL) 21
Poland (PL) 23
Denmark (DK) 25
France (FR) 20
Croatia (HR) 25
Hungary (HU) 27
Italy (IT) 22
Romania (RO) 19
Slovenia (SI) 22
Slovakia Republic (SK) 20
Bulgaria (BG) 20
Estonia (EE) 20
Spain (ES) 21
Finland (FI) 24
Greece (GR) 24
Ireland (IE) 23
Lithuania (LT) 21
Latvia (LV) 21
Portugal (PT) 23
Sweden (SE) 25