Warranty and Return Policy


GRUNDIG, our quality promise to you:

All service requests, complaints and suggestions from customers are processed and answered as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the GRUNDIG customer service center: service@grundig-bike.com.



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1. Return and exchange policy

We offer a 15-day, no questions asked return policy for products sold online. Within 15 days of receiving your e-bike (based on the date of receipt of the package/buyer's signature on the delivery note), you can return, exchange or repair the product in case of malfunction. GRUNDIG will provide the right solution for you.
You can call our service center at 00800-0622-4336.
Or you can contact our service email: service@grundig-bike.com
We recommend that you contact our customer service before returning so that we can better assist you. We will process your request within one to two business days of receiving your email.
Returns warehouse address:
Frima: teknihall Service GmbH
Contact person: E-commerce -WOC
Address: Levi-Strauss-Allee 10-12
Postal code and city: 63150 Heusenstamm
Nation: Germany
* For customers who cannot take advantage of the 15-day return policy, we recommend contacting our customer service directly. We will specifically examine your situation and offer you a suitable solution.

1.1 Conditions for the 15-day no-reason return guarantee

The 15-day return guarantee only applies to items purchased on the website https://grundig-bike.com/ sold.
The 15-day return without user reasons does not include the following behaviors:
· Loss of warranty card and invoice
· Man-made damage
· Damage to warranty and anti-counterfeiting labels
· structural or color changes to the product
· Missing spare parts and gift items that were included
· cumulative trips of more than 50 kilometers
· Damage to the product, etc.

1.2 Return procedure and timing of refund

· After checking whether the return standards are met, we will organize the return for you within 5 working days.
· Your refund of the purchase price will be processed within 3-5 business days after receipt of the goods and invoice.
· Any damage caused by non-return or loss of the invoice will be borne by the user.
· If the product you received is a product with quality defects or the product you received does not correspond to your actual order, GRUNDIG will cover the return logistics costs for you.
· If the timing is delayed for reasonable reasons, the timing of inspection and refund will be postponed accordingly.
The kilometers driven correspond to the kilometers actually driven when accepting or
· Check in our service center. The mileage when submitting the return application should therefore not differ from that at the initial inspection.

1.3 Carrier of transport costs:

1) If the product you receive has quality defects or the product you receive does not match your actual order, Rooted will bear the return shipping logistics costs for you.
2) If returns are not of the same quality, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping costs incurred
*Due to the weight and volume limitations of e-bikes, we have a permanent cooperation logistics provider.
We will provide you with a return shipping label, applicable shipping costs will be deducted from your refund amount.
3)If the product has been shipped and the buyer refuses to accept it for personal reasons, the buyer is responsible for the applicable return shipping costs.
The shipping costs are as follows:
Germany 120 EUR, outside Germany EU 200 EUR The prices include VAT.
The exchange service does not cover the following cases:
· Out-of-warranty repair requests.
· Loss of warranty card and invoice
· Human-caused damage
· Damage to warranty and security labels
· Change in product structure or color
· Missing accessories and included gifts
· Cumulated trips over 50 kilometers, etc.


2.Warranty Policy

Warranty rules and guarantee conditions
GRUNDIG electric vehicles are guaranteed for two years and other GRUNDIG electric vehicle parts are guaranteed in accordance with the “GRUNDIG Electric Vehicle Parts Guarantee Standard”.
* The GCB-1 comes with an additional one-year warranty in Germany. When purchasing, please note the specific warranty conditions of your model.

Regarding the costs of the guarantee:

· Within the warranty period, the authorized service center of GRUNDIG electric vehicles offers free repair and replacement services.
· For repairs that go beyond the service period and scope of the warranty period, authorized GRUNDIG workshops will provide paid services in accordance with local market conditions and repair prices.

Detailed conditions of the guarantee:

· If the product purchased by the user cannot be driven due to product quality problems and it is a warranty case, the authorized GRUNDIG electric vehicle service provider will provide free repair and maintenance.
· If the vehicle cannot be driven due to man-made damage, natural damage and other causes outside the scope of the warranty, GRUNDIG-authorized service partners will offer repairs for a fee.

Warranty time frame:

EU (except Germany):

· The warranty period of the products sold is calculated from the date of the delivery note signed by the user or the date of receipt.
· Whole vehicle warranty is 24 months (based on invoice date) or 20,000 km, whichever comes first.
· If parts are replaced within the warranty period, the warranty on the new parts is 24 months.


· GCB-1 whole vehicle warranty is 36 months (based on invoice date) or 30,000 km, whichever comes first.
For warranty details, such as:
Customer service process, repair workshops, maintenance fee payment and other problems, please send an email to service@grundig-bike.com


“GRUNDIG Electric Vehicle Parts Warranty Standard”


To you warranty period Explanation
Frame 60m Use in normal stress and
road area, open welding, desoldering,
Fracture symptoms
Control, original lithium battery (the control
refers to the device within the
central motor to control start, operation,
Advance and retreat, speed, stop and
Core control unit of other electronic
Electric vehicle engine devices.)
24m When the lithium battery is used normally,
are there guarantees for abnormal voltage,
Loading errors and less than 60% of the
Discharge meter determined capacity.
24 months (the battery will charge within the first
6 months or within 5,000 kilometers
(whichever comes first) with a new one
and within the next 18 months by one
Maintenance battery replaced) (maintenance batteries are
repaired and perfect batteries.

In Germany applies to certain bicycle models
additionally a one-year guarantee.
Motor, charger 24m Quality problems caused by non-external force
caused, such as phase loss,
Burnout and degaussing. The
The warranty period is 24 months
Date of invoice. If it's within 3 months
occurs after the warranty period has expired,
and it poses a problem with product quality,
GRUNDIG offers paid customer service services,
but free spare parts and provides them
Labor costs for the repair will be charged.

In Germany applies to certain bicycle models
additionally a one-year guarantee.
Front wheel hub, steering column, front shock absorber/
rear, rear fork, front brake,
Rear brake, armrest, saddle, single and
Double support, pedals, controller, central
Control panel, display instrument, quick adjustment handle,
Master cable, turn signals, horns, remote alarms,
electric door locks (including
additional locks and keys),
One button start components, DC-DC converters,
combination switch, air switch,
Cable hall sensors, indicators,
Headlight assembly, rear taillight,
Light control unit, vehicle charging cable,
caliper lock, brake switch, bracket off switch,
Chain, shift cassette
24m Product-related performance failures or
Quality issues not resolved
can be
Painted plastic parts, rear view mirrors,
Brake shoes, tires, charging connection components,
Cables, sockets, chain pulleys, galvanized
Parts, PP and other optical parts that are not in
the article categories mentioned above are included
not covered by warranty Consumable parts are not guaranteed


  1. No repetition of the guarantee periods applies to all parts. The warranty period for parts replaced during the warranty period will be calculated based on the remaining date at the time of purchase. For parts purchased separately by the user, the warranty date will be recalculated from the date of purchase.
  2. The ambient temperature range when charging lithium batteries is 0°C to 35°C and the ambient temperature range when using lithium batteries is -10°C to 45°C. Under low temperature conditions, the capacity of lithium batteries decreases. Further information: -10°C corresponds to 70% of usable capacity, 0°C corresponds to 85% and 25°C corresponds to 100%. Lead-acid batteries would also degrade to varying degrees under low temperature conditions.

Warranty exclusions:

If the following situations occur with the product, the warranty does not apply and the user must pay for the repairs themselves:

Based on the “GRUNDIG electric vehicle parts warranty standard”, exceeding the specified service period and scope.

  1. The user has not used, driven, maintained and adjusted the device in accordance with the provisions of the GRUNDIG product instructions.
  2. The products sold are damaged by rain, water immersion, ice and snow, smoke, medication, chemical corrosion, etc., or natural wear and tear.
  3. Wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. Disruptions or damage caused by force majeure (earthquakes, typhoons, fires, floods, social events, mass events, violent crimes, etc.) are not covered by the warranty.
  4. The user did not treat the battery as specified. The battery has not been charged for more than three months, resulting in unrecoverable undervoltage/deep discharge of the battery.
  5. The user did not have the product installed, retrofitted, disassembled or repaired at a GRUNDIG authorized service center, or installed, retrofitted, disassembled or repaired by himself, so that the product as a whole or parts of the product were damaged.
  6. If parts of the GRUNDIG electric vehicle are damaged because the user used non-original accessories or changed the circuit and cable configuration on their own initiative.
  7. Product failure or damage caused by the user, e.g. B. Collisions, falls, overloading and speeding.
  8. There is no valid warranty card, no customer service card, or the product purchase invoice, certificate or card number does not match the product.
  9. User changes the warranty service date of GRUNDIG electric vehicle products and parts without authorization.
  10. For self-modification and competitive purposes.
  11. Damage to the electronic control system (engine, instrument, sensor) resulting from the following reasons: accidents, misuse, negligence, abnormal installation, abnormal repair, abnormal maintenance, attempted changes and modifications.
  12. The appearance of the electrical control system is damaged or deteriorated by polishing or attempted surface beautification.
  13. The appearance and surface of the product are damaged, but do not affect the use of the product function.