Grundig Bike is a brand of the Grundig Automotive Group, which specializes in the development and design of e-bikes. Since 2023, all Grundig Bike products have been developed and designed by the Grundig Automotive team in Germany to ensure high quality for consumers.
Grundig Automotive had already entered into partnerships with several large dealers before 2023 in order to expand the bicycle business. In this context, the company was able to gain extensive experience in servicing e-bike customers in Germany and Austria.
However, as the business grew, the Grundig team realized that the cooperation with other companies did not meet the high standards. They therefore began to drive development independently and set up a service network for Grundig Bike to offer customers support with repairs, assembly and maintenance.
This decision to develop products in-house and build our own service network is testament to our resolve: by constantly improving product and service quality, we want to offer you, our valued customers, the opportunity to explore the world in an environmentally friendly way and enjoy the unique freedom that only a high-quality electric bike can provide.
Welcome to GRUNDIG - Where innovation meets movement